5 Features to Keep in Mind to Create the Perfect Backyard Pool

5 Features to Keep in Mind to Create the Perfect Backyard Pool

Whether it’s for swimming laps, hosting kids’ birthday parties, or relaxing in a beautiful oasis, homeowners desire backyard pools for many reasons. When choosing the design of a backyard pool, owners can rely on pool builders in Sarasota and Naples to find a pool design that fits the bill. Here are five factors to consider when creating the perfect backyard pool.

Pool Depth

One of the first features to consider is pool depth. Pools built for lap swimming or diving may not require a shallow end, while pools built for family use generally do have a shallow end so that children can swim and play together safely. Water in the shallow end of a pool is usually about three feet deep, graduating to a depth of six to eight feet at the deep end. Families who select a pool with a deep end may appreciate the cleaning and maintenance that a residential pool service in Sarasota or Naples can provide, as cleaning the deep end of a pool can prove more challenging than cleaning the shallow end.

Pool Steps

Small children and adults who assist them may appreciate being able to gradually acclimate to the pool using steps that allow them to incrementally enter the water. Wider steps allow parents to sit with young children and also allow smaller swimmers to lounge in water wings with parents close by. Sarasota pool companies can recommend steps that allow both seniors and children to enter and exit the pool safely and easily.

Sitting Ledge

Many pools feature a ledge about two feet below the water’s surface and about a foot wide, designed for sitting, and which runs along one side of the pool or all the way around. A ledge provides a place for swimmers to rest without getting out of the water, and can act as an extra step for exiting the pool when a pool ladder isn’t nearby. Pool ledges are often useful in the deep end of the pool, where kids especially can use them to pull themselves up to rest if tired.

Diving Boards and Slides

Pool add-ons can be fun recreational additions to the main pool structure. Kids and adults alike love flipping, diving, and doing cannonballs off of a diving board, and slides can turn a regular pool into a waterpark-like experience. Both slides and diving boards do require a sufficiently deep pool for landing, usually eight feet, and the pool itself must be large enough to allow users to land safely. A residential pool service in Naples or Sarasota can help keep pool additions safely maintained and clean.

Pool Liners

Decorative pool liners are a great way to customize the look and feel of a backyard pool. A decorative liner is a fun addition and can help create a theme. For example, a liner with a swirl of greens and blues might be perfect for an oasis-themed pool, while fun animal or palm tree prints create a kid-friendly look. And, since pool liners can be replaced periodically, a new liner can help set a whole new tone for an older pool.

Pool builders in Sarasota and Naples can help homeowners choose the right pool features and amenities to create the perfect backyard pool. With thoughtful planning, pool company professionals can ensure that a pool’s form and function seamlessly blend to create an enjoyable backyard pool.