Does a pool increase home value in Florida? Here’s what the experts say.

Does a pool increase home value in Florida? Here’s what the experts say.

Are you a homeowner in Florida? Planning on selling your house with a pool or adding a swimming pool to your property? If so, you could be wondering whether a pool will increase your home’s value or not. 

Well, according to the experts, there’s a lot to take into consideration, but here are some factors that could make a pool increase the value of your home.

Does a pool increase home value in Florida?

Yes, when you consider the Florida climate.

Florida is mostly sunny and warm for the better part of the year. This kind of weather favors pool owners since it allows homeowners to have a operational pool throughout the year compared to other states. 

Swimming pools provide homeowners with a place to relax and cool off on sunny days, and this may mean that a potential buyer would most likely buy a house containing a swimming pool rather than a house without one. As such you may find that your property with a pool will sell for more than one without.

Buyers may spend more for a bit of luxury.

Some potential buyers specifically want a house with a pool, as pools are often viewed as a luxury. You don’t have to share a community pool and can relax by the pool in your very own backyard.

Buyers want homes with pools in which they could entertain themselves, guests, and children during parties and get-togethers. If your home has one that fits the buyer’s needs then it is most likely going to add to your house value.

People may spend more to be a part of the ongoing trend.

Most houses in Florida have swimming pools, meaning most buyers would want a house with a pool; no one wants to be left out. If yours didn’t have one, then it would be safe to assume that yours would sell at a lower value compared to those having a pool.

Yes, potential buyers want a pool, but they also need backyard space.

Most buyers do not want a swimming pool occupying the whole yard. If it is of relative size and still leaves some space in the backyard for setting up other things that a potential buyer would want, then your house value typically increases.

But don’t forget proper pool service and maintenance.

A swimming pool that is well built and well maintained will ultimately attract buyers and raise house value. To achieve this, homeowners must continuously carry out pool service and pool maintenance, either personally or professionally. 

There are many companies offering pool service in Florida. These companies provide services such as maintenance, filters, vacuuming, testing and balancing of chemicals, pool equipment upgrade, construction, and renovation of pools. All these services routinely done will ensure that the swimming pool will be in good condition at the time of selling.

A poorly maintained pool will not give you good appraisal results and will not appeal to a potential buyer, and thus, lower the value of your home.

Pool landscaping is a huge factor in value.

Pools that are well built, strategically placed, environmentally, and kid-friendly appeal to most buyers with kids. This is so because the swimming pools have safety measures that prevent accidents, such as fencing.

You could opt for an in-ground or above ground pool, though according to research, an in-ground pool is much better since it adds much more value to your house. You could hire landscaping services for your pool from companies that offer pool services and pool maintenance in Florida.

The Bottom Line

In Florida, it’s estimated that having a pool will increase house value by more than 5% to 8%, considering the factors listed above. That is the climate, ongoing trend, pool service and maintenance, pool landscaping, the lifestyle of buyers.

Also, during lockdown coming about due to epidemics such as the Covid -19 virus. The value of homes with pools have increased since they offer buyers the comfort they cannot get from public recreational places due to restrictions.

Houses with beautiful swimming pools in Florida tend to have an increased value. Essentially, to find out if a swimming pool will increase the value of your home, you will have to use an appraiser who will assess the property and the pool. The appraiser will compare the value of the property with market rates and give an appraisal report. And this is the only sure-fire way to know if adding a pool is going to increase the value of your home.