Enjoy a Backyard Swimming Pool Even More

Enjoy a Backyard Swimming Pool Even More

Homeowners ready to take their old swimming pools to the next level can find experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can make their dreams a reality. Maybe it’s an older pool —located behind a beautiful home — whose features just don’t quite measure up to the home’s, or perhaps outdated lighting is not providing the safety the homeowner desires.

Whatever the case, there are professional swimming pool construction and maintenance companies in Sarasota that can fulfill any need pool owners may have. One of the most popular and cost effective upgrades is LED lighting.

From basic underwater lighting to highlight the entry steps into the pool, to custom light shows, the sky’s truly the limit. Homeowners can now design and create the look and feel they want for any mood, and change it up as they go. They can also save on their energy bills and create a fun atmosphere for any event.

No More Polar Bear Plunges!

Not everyone enjoys a brisk, cold pool to jump into. While kids seem to have no qualms splashing around in freezing water, most adults would rather watch from the lounge chairs! With an integrated heating system installed by pool companies in Sarasota or Naples, those adults can now enjoy the pool while actually in the water. The three most common types of pool heaters are gas, electric (heat pump) and solar. Each has its own specific advantages and should be matched to the homeowner’s needs. One of the newest trends is painting the bottom of the pool black or dark blue to naturally draw heat from the sun.

Worry-Free Maintenance – Leave It to the Professionals

With a pool in back of nearly every home in Sarasota and Naples, finding the right residential pool service is a necessity. “It’s a great feeling knowing our swimming pool is clean and safe for our family and friends, without spending the extra time to do it ourselves. Now we can truly enjoy it!” said one satisfied customer who recently found a company to perform weekly maintenance.

Another option is the installation of an automatic (or as some say “auto-magic”) pool cleaner system. These pool cleaning robots have advanced features including programmable timers, smartphone controls, intelligent navigation, and waterline cleaning. The tile line, or waterline, is the spot where bacteria and algae can grow if not thoroughly cleaned regularly. Without this technology, a heavy duty scrub brush must be used around the entire perimeter. Higher-end pool cleaning robots have special motors, sensors and software to clean above and below the waterline.

Imagine Life Without a Pool

When a homeowner imagines life without a pool, they know that the enjoyment it brings is well worth the investment. A beautiful, safe swimming pool installed by reputable pool builders in Naples or Sarasota and maintained by a residential pool service is a wonderful place to gather for family and friends of all ages. It also provides a comfortable and private space to exercise in that’s open twenty-four hours a day.