Finding the Right Pool Company in Sarasota

Finding the Right Pool Company in Sarasota

With the sheer quantity of public and backyard pools in the Southern Florida area, it’s no surprise that there are many pool companies providing commercial and residential pool services in Sarasota and Naples. Many of these same companies also offer pool design and construction services. But how does a resident interested in building a pool — or a current pool-owner — decide which pool service or pool builders in Naples or Sarasota to hire? Below are some criteria to help pool owners, or potential pool owners, choose the right company for their needs.


Criteria for Selecting Pool Builders in Naples or Sarasota

Installing a new pool, hot tub, fountain or water feature on one’s property is usually a big decision – not only is there a significant financial investment, but also the time involved in designing and constructing the pool (or other feature). Savvy property owners will want to make sure they’ve chosen the best pool builders in Naples or Sarasota to do the project right the first time. This isn’t the time to “save a buck” and hire the first pool company in Sarasota they come across; this approach may lead to shoddy workmanship, delays during construction and lots of costs down the road to fix what wasn’t done right initially.


Instead, those wishing to install a new pool, or remodel or care for their existing pool, should look for pool builders in Sarasota who offer:


  • Quality & Experience – Building, restoring, or maintaining a pool are not the times to cut corners. Look for established pool companies in Sarasota that offer quality, high-caliber construction and maintenance services. Their experienced design teams should offer creative, collaborative ideas for their clients, and the company’s technicians should be well-trained professionals, current on the latest technology and able to provide cleaning and pool equipment repairs with ease.
  • Licensing – Believe it or not, not all pool builders in Naples and surrounding areas will have a commercial license for building swimming pools. Property owners interested in restoring or installing a pool should do their homework and only select licensed pool builders who’ve proven their capability and success time and again by earning the highest level of pool licensing possible in Florida.
  • Proven Customer Satisfaction – When making an investment such as installing a new pool or hot tub, it is important to check the reviews and testimonials from a potential pool contractor’s clients. Sarasota and Naples pool builders with a reputation for stellar customer satisfaction will have online reviews that clearly reflect this.
  • Full Service & Availability- Once a pool is installed, owners will want to find someone to service and maintain their pool’s cleanliness and safety. In some cases, the same company who installed their pool in Sarasota or Naples also provides residential pool service. It is definitely a time-saver to find one reputable company to provide everything a pool owner needs – from pool design and build, all the way to weekly pool maintenance and cleaning, pool equipment repairs (such as pumps), and even the addition of upgrades like LED lighting or a heating system. Additionally, owners will want to find a pool company that is responsive and provides pool testing 7 days a week.


A pool should be a delight to own and enjoy. When property owners take the time to find the right company in Sarasota or Naples to build the pool, and then maintain it with residential pool service, it will make that goal a reality.