Get ready for the summer with Quality Pool Resurfacing, Refinishing and Renovation Services

Get ready for the summer with Quality Pool Resurfacing, Refinishing and Renovation Services

Is the timing right for resurfacing, refinishing, or renovating your swimming pool? If you’re looking forward to a summer unlike any other in Florida, the answer is yes.

Diving into a pool that has seen better days or has been unused for an extended period of time does not seem particularly enjoyable. As a result, investing in a high-quality renovation may prove to be your saving grace throughout the summer, particularly if you live in the sophisticated Naples, FL area or in the vibrant city of Sarasota, FL.

Why Get These Pool Services?

Indeed, we don’t need a new pool to enjoy the summer. However, what we all deserve is a swimming pool that is safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing. While swimming may altogether seem like a worry-free activity, it comes with a variety of hazards, from abrasive surfaces that could wound the swimmers, to unsanitary conditions due to faulty piping and filters. Services like pool resurfacing, pool refinishing and pool renovation significantly reduces the likelihood of these things ever happening.

Now, you may wonder which of these you should get for your home. Is a renovation required, or can I settle for a mere resurfacing? Let’s discuss the differences.

Pool Resurfacing

This service entails a change or a replacement of the surface of your swimming pool. This is a process that usually takes five days to a week, but lower temperatures can prolong the curing period. If you’re planning to start using an old pool again, this is an essential step to take because this ensures that the structure is safe for use.

Pools are commonly made with concrete and tiles layered over plaster. However, it can be built with a surface of exposed pebbles or aggregates, white or colored quartz, or polished stone. That said, the quality of the surface will determine how soon it may need to be resurfaced. But, if your pool has reached five years, and the surface starts to crack and deform, it’s time for some resurfacing.

Pool Refinishing

This service is similar to resurfacing, only that this only entails a renewal of the plastering to keep the tiles adhered to the surface. This process also reinforces the surface, given that concrete is a naturally semi-permeable material.

While it still requires some changes on the surface, this doesn’t require as much time or manual labor. Your service provider may use an acid wash and a treatment may also be used to cure the surface after the plaster re-application.

Pool Renovation

Lastly, this service will take the longest time and the most manpower to carry out. This entails a total repair, reinstallation of piping and pumps, as well as a structural change on your swimming pool. Moreover, a pool renovation will cost you more than the other two aforementioned services. Still, getting this service ensures that you can modify your swimming experience as you prefer.

Also called a pool remodeling, this service may seem constrained compared to getting a new pool built from the beginning. But, this allows you to put an old property to use, especially when your swimming pool is part of a home you still live in.

Furthermore, be sure to have your chosen contractor or service provider based in the Naples, FL or in Sarasota, FL area to conduct a site inspection first. This way, they can properly assess the most ideal approach on improving the structure of your swimming pool, as well as restoring it for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to ask for quotations from different companies, and check reviews on their service online. Since you’ll be investing money in this type of service, it is only right that you are aware of your best options.

Now that we got all that covered, we hope that this serves as a satisfactory overview. Surely, you are now more knowledgeable on how these services can ultimately improve your overall pool experience, and not just for the summer season.