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Signet Pool has you covered when it comes to your swimming pool and hot tub installation. Our crew will travel to any residential or commercial property in Greater Sarasota to do all the manual work. We always make sure that every swimming pool and hot tub we put in is sized accordingly and coincides with each property’s layout. Once we’ve finished our work, you and your guests will be able to go for an invigorating swim or relax in your own aquatic oasis.

Our swimming pools and hot tubs come in many different styles. We even offer additional services that are affordably priced to suit your budget. Some of these additional service include:


  • Pool cleaning
  • Pool renovation
  • Pool maintenance
  • Pool pump repair

Please contact Signet Pool today to have us take care of all your swimming pool and hot tub installation work. We always strive to give the people of Sarasota, FL, the best service possible.

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Signet Pool, Sarasota

When the sun is high in the beautiful blue sky of the Sunshine State, there is nothing more enjoyable than stepping outside and diving into a cool, refreshing pool. Whether you are doing it at home, at a hotel, or a park, swimming in a pool is one of the many great things to enjoy in Florida.

Signet Pool is a pool service company in Sarasota, FL, that understands the essential role pools play in the lives of Floridians. That is why we provide comprehensive swimming pool services, including maintenance, repair, remodeling, and construction for both residential and commercial clients. We do what it takes to keep you swimming in clean and crystal-clear water.

Creative Pool Remodeling

Thinking about making some upgrades to your pool? Then you have come to the right place. Our creative design team is ready to discuss what you want out of your space and then help you bring it to life. From regular upgrades to the additions of eye-catching design pieces, such as fountains, our pool remodeling services can be customized to fit your specific style, needs, and budget.

Looking to have a brand-new pool built? We can do that for you too! When it comes to designing and installing perfect pools for homes and commercial properties, nobody does it better than our swimming pool contractors in Tampa.



Friendly staff, great customer service. Maintaining my own pool was a headache until I found them. They provide great advice and are always trying to help us save money on up keep where we can.

– M. Choate

I recently had a problem with dark spots forming at different areas of the quartz pool finish. Mainly in the deep end but some on the sun shelf too. I took pictures of it and stopped in at the store. The person at the counter tested the water which was good so he had John take a look at it. After asking many questions and spending lots of time with me, John believed he knew what caused it and showed me how to spot treat a small area and if it worked on the small area, how to treat the whole pool. Well, he was right and after treating the pool, my quartz finish is look great and back to normal. Thank you John and team for taking the time to help me fix my problem!

– John Beiler

A&D Pool Service has taken care of my pool every summer for about the last 4 years. I have been very satisfied. I also purchase my chemicals from them during the winter, and I’m equally satisfied with their friendly service and fair prices. I also like the free lollipops on their counter.

– Jim Keeney

Maintaining Your Swimming Pool


 Cleaning a pool can be a difficult and even hazardous task. Most pools require intensive upkeep to ensure they are always ready for use, especially those exposed to open air. As most homeowners know, there is nothing more disappointing than getting ready to go for a dip only to be greeted with oddly colored, cloudy, and unwelcoming water filled with leaves, bugs, and other debris.

When you work with our team, however, you can enjoy a pool that is always ready for you and your guests. Through our routine swimming pool maintenance and pool repairs in Sarasota, FL, you can enjoy all of the benefits of having a pool on your property without having to do any of the upkeep yourself.
In addition to our pool repair and maintenance services, our team also provides you with pool equipment service as necessary. When all of the different parts of your pool’s system are running properly, you can keep it looking clean for much longer.

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