How Much Does a Custom Pool Cost? It Depends.

How Much Does a Custom Pool Cost? It Depends.

If you’re thinking about adding a custom pool to your property, the first thing you’re probably wondering is: “How much does a custom pool cost?” 

This is an important consideration when it comes to adding this feature to your home, but there isn’t a simple answer. 

The truth is: The cost of a custom pool can vary widely as there are many factors that influence the cost of a custom pool.

Custom Pool: Factors that can affect the cost

Type of Pool

The first thing that impacts the cost of a custom pool is the type you want to get. Typically, there are three basic types of inground pools: fiberglass, vinyl liner and gunite (also referred to as concrete pools).

In general, the cost of vinyl pools can be between $25,000 and $55,000, while a fiberglass pool can cost between $23,000 and $65,000. Gunite pools have a price tag of between $30,000 and $100,000 plus— but you can always spend way more than the average.

When it comes to choosing what type of pool to get, some other factors you have to consider include what type of chemicals can be used to keep the pool clean and reduce algae growth, electrical usage, and how much weekly care the pool will need, among others.

Pool Size

Not only will the type of pool you want impact the cost of your custom pool, but the size and shape also impact how much you pay. If you are hoping for a large pool that takes up most of your backyard, this will add to the overall cost. How deep you want your pool will also impact the cost. If we have to dig deeply into the ground so that you can have a diving board, this will be more expensive than adding a wading pool to your property.

The shape of the pool will also impact the cost. Traditional shapes, such as rectangles, or rectangles with rounded corners or ovals will be less expensive than getting a pool in the shape of a duck, guitar or other item. Again, it boils down to how deep we have to dig and how complicated the shape is.

Where You’re Located

When asking how much does a custom pool cost, another factor you have to take into consideration is where you live. In some regions, including places that are warmer such as here in Florida, the cost of gunite pools is comparable to a fiberglass pool. This is because these areas don’t experience wide fluctuations in temperature which can cause the ground to freeze and thaw —which has a negative impact on concrete.

Depending on where you live, this could also have an impact on how much you pay in labor costs for installation. How experienced the pool installers are and whether or not they have the construction supplies on hand (or if they have to be ordered and shipped) will also impact how much you pay for your custom pool.

Condition of Your Yard

The condition of your yard will play a role in how much your custom pool will cost to install. The first thing we have to determine is what we’ll run into underground. Not only do we need to look for the plumbing and gas lines that lead to your home, but items such as septic tanks and underground electrical systems can also make the dig more dangerous and complicated.

The type of soil in your yard will also have an impact. If there are a lot of rocks or boulders, it takes more time to prepare your property for a pool. Should your yard happen to have a slope, then leveling it to install a pool will add to the cost. We also have to take the current landscaping into consideration. Removing and potentially replacing trees, shrubs, decks and patios will all add to the price tag.

Options and Accessories

If you are asking how much does a custom pool cost, some of the other factors that influence the price include the finishing touches. What type of decking or patio material are you going to have around your pool?

If you decide to have standard broom-finish concrete, this may only cost you about $8.50 per square foot. Should you decide you want a travertine paver patio, the cost jumps up to $16.00 per square foot. You can save even more money by placing grass around the pool, but that comes with other maintenance costs.

If you decide you want to add a heater, fencing, lights, slides, a hot tub or other water features, all of those will increase the price as well.

Knowing How Much Your Pool Will Cost

So how much does a custom pool cost? As you can see, that depends on many different factors. To get a better idea of exactly how much installing an inground pool on your property will cost, getting in touch with a professional pool installer is in your best interest. 

If you’re in the Sarasota or Naples area, give us a call at Signet Pool to learn more about the process and get an estimate on how much your pool project will cost.