Residential Pools for Florida Residents are a True Luxury

Residential Pools for Florida Residents are a True Luxury

Not only does a backyard swimming pool provide a fabulous spot for relaxing and cooling off, a pool serves as a beautiful venue for entertaining. Many Floridians already have a pool, and in the rare instances they don’t, they’re looking to add one.


There has never been a better time to add a residential pool in Naples, or to breathe new life into an older pool that has seen better days. Pool companies and builders in Naples and Sarasota can add a pool in many shapes and sizes, or enhance and re-imagine an existing pool area to make it fresh, new, and exciting.


Time for an Upgrade

Many people refrain from using their pool if it is old, dingy, and in need of attention. Believe it or not, there are many ways a pool or hot tub and the surrounding outdoor areas can be beautifully renovated with a variety of pleasing results. Giving the pool area a little TLC will enhance the ambience of the backyard and add value to the residence. Updating a pool with new tile or decking, or by adding beautiful water fountains, slides, or any number of stunning water features will absolutely elevate the outdoor area for many years of enjoyment for the entire family. Hiring a residential pool service in Naples or Sarasota can get a homeowner’s pool ready for the season ahead.


Enhancing the Pool Area with Water Features 

For those looking to add interest to their swimming pool and set it aside from the norm, there are a variety of impressive water features that can be added by a Naples residential pool company. Giving the swimming pool a “wow factor” with a fountain or any number of dazzling water features is absolutely achievable when working with a residential pool company in Naples.


Fountains, bubblers, waterfalls, rain curtains, deck jets or spouts are all beautiful and impressive features that add a focal point to the swimming pool. Not only are these features eye-catching, the sound, lighting, and water flow all impact the overall aesthetics of the swimming pool area, and the features can be adjusted according to the pool owner’s desired effect. Lighting to enhance mood, create ambiance, or accent certain areas of the pool is an important factor when designing or re-designing the swimming pool.


Outdoorsy Looks

Using natural rocks to create a lagoon style outdoor oasis is an option for people desiring a more rustic look. Plantings and other landscaping features will aid in making a pool and its surrounding area have a more natural-looking aesthetic, and give off a feeling of being at one with nature.


Kid-Friendly Features

A pool can absolutely be sleek and attractive while also providing a fun zone for kids. Slides, deck jets, and outdoor showers are all aspects that turn the pool into a fun play space for all family members. Setting aside a picnic area near the shallow end of the pool provides a resting spot where children can relax and enjoy snacks, beverages and other pool-friendly refreshments, and provide the kids their own location away from the adults when entertaining. Homeowners can go over all the details with their Naples or Sarasota residential pool builders and select the features that work best for their family.


Storage Options

To keep the swimming pool toys such as rafts, pool noodles, and beach balls organized and out of sight, adding a storage area with cubbyholes for stashing these items will help keep the pool looking uncluttered and inviting.


Poolside Living Makes the Outdoors More Fun


Creating a new pool or enhancing an older one is definitely money well spent. The improvements will add enjoyment for homeowners – not to mention increase the value of the residence. In Naples and Sarasota, professional pool companies can be hired to transform an outdoor space into one that’s fun for a family and exceptional for entertaining, too.