The Top Reasons to Include a Pool in Your New Home Build

The Top Reasons to Include a Pool in Your New Home Build

It is the perfect time to install a pool if you are building a new home in Florida. Having a pool installed simultaneously with the new home construction is a great option, although some may wonder why they should do it at this time instead of later. While both options are possible with pool builders in Naples, installing a pool during new home construction could have benefits most people aren’t aware of.

Increase Your Home Value

A pool is something everyone wants when they live in Florida. The heat of summer can get to be far too much and a pool gives people somewhere to cool off, relax, and even socialize. A lot of homes in the area already have pools for this reason, far more than might be seen in homes in the middle of America. Since lots of buyers want a pool, having one added to a newly built home will make it more appealing on the market in later years.

Enjoy a Larger Variety of Design Options

Choosing to build a pool as a home is created gives a greater amount of control over both structures. Pool builders in Sarasota can help design the pool so it fits in just the right spot and has the design the homeowners desire. Everything else, such as landscaping and porches, can be built to frame the pool and make it an excellent focal point. Choosing to wait until later may mean ripping up the lawn and making big changes. It’s possible, but takes a great deal more work.

Easier Access for Pool Companies in Sarasota

Pool builders in Naples can more easily design a pool and also install the pool more quickly when done at this stage. In many cases, the pool is constructed after the home is over halfway finished. The driveway and yard haven’t been completed so it’s easier to install the pool without worrying about the equipment used to access the yard causing issues. There’s no need to move yard fixtures and clean up before the pool can be placed.

Access Easier Financing Opportunities

A residential pool service or builder Naples can be found at any time. However, it might seem like a good idea to wait until the initial cost of the home building process is out of the way to call them in. But unless paying in cash only, the pool will need to be financed after the home is. This could lead to two different loans that need to be paid off at the same time. On the other hand, if the pool is built at the same time, the costs can be combined to keep monthly costs low.

Get Residential Pool Installation and Service in Sarasota

If a pool is something a person wants at their home, there are many reasons to do it during the building process. It’s perfect for design and installation stages, plus there’s time to consider all the options. Work with pool companies in Naples or Sarasota to bring aquatic adventures to a new home and never go without a splash or a dip after moving in.