Time for a Dip!

Time for a Dip!

Almost everyone loves a dip in a clean, clear, refreshing swimming pool. But as most new residential pool owners soon realize, that enjoyment comes with a bit of work. Every. Single. Day. Fortunately, there are experienced and reputable residential pool service companies in Naples and Sarasota that can do the work so pool owners don’t have to!

It’s every pool owner’s choice. Some pool owners enjoy the one to three hours a week working outside (away from the spouse and other chores!) and have invested in the brushes, skimmers, chemicals and other tools needed to maintain their pools. And even for those dedicated individuals, it is important to have a professional inspection periodically to identify and repair any problems that may be lurking behind the scenes. Pool builders in Naples and Sarasota are able to fix issues with plumbing, equipment, coping (the edging around the pool), hardscapes and more.

On the other hand, it might come as a surprise to Naples or Sarasota residents that none other than Bob Villa himself recommends hiring a professional pool service for a residential pool! Why? Because they are experienced and knowledgeable experts and have the high-end equipment to do the job quickly the right way. They have seen it all, and know what to do without having to Google it or watch a YouTube video.

Covering the Basics from a Lounge Chair

Residential pool companies in Sarasota will first perform an initial assessment of the pool, including filtration and circulation equipment. They may make recommendations to make it work more efficiently and save the homeowner money down the road. Next, they will literally “test the water” and determine what is needed to ensure it is clean and safe for friends and family. Their in-depth knowledge of PH levels, alkalinity and sanitizer (chlorine, bromine) chemistry is key to fixing and maintaining the correct balance of each one.

So, what’s the big deal about getting the chemicals right? Pool owners don’t want to find out the hard way, when one of their neighbors comes to them with their kid complaining of itchy red bumps on their skin or bloodshot eyes. Even respiratory issues have been known to occur if exposure to an over-chlorinated pool is prolonged.

Testing the Waters

Before even cleaning, the water should be tested with a water testing kit. Maintaining a pool’s chlorine level with the correct chemical balance can be a tricky business. A basic knowledge of chemistry is helpful in understanding pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels.

Circulation of the water is key to keeping a pool clean, and the pump needs to run at least eleven or more hours each day to maintain it. The pump and filter must be inspected regularly to ensure they’re in good working condition to avoid the growth of algae. Backwashing the filters is key to removing any debris.

A net skimmer, pool brush and pool vacuum are all tools needed to perform regular weekly cleanings. In addition to everyday maintenance, it’s wise to hire a professional to check for areas that need attention, including periodic deep cleanings to prevent algae growth and address any old or broken tiles. Pool builders in Sarasota and Naples are the experts needed to keep one’s pool sparkling!