What Owners Should Know about Pool Restoration in Sarasota

Owning a pool in Florida is almost a prerequisite for residency. It’s a great way to beat the heat in the Sunshine State, but it’s also part of the lifestyle. There’s nothing quite like lounging away a weekend on a pool deck, alternately warmed by the sun and cooled by the pool. Of course, pools do age; eventually, every owner will need to consider pool restoration. Sarasota residents should know a few things when that time rolls around.

Signs It’s Time for Pool Restoration in Sarasota

It can be challenging to tell when it’s time for pool resurfacing in Sarasota, and many owners wait long after their pools should have been resurfaced. In most cases, plaster will last between five and 10 years. Quartz will last at least 10 years. Pebble aggregate surfaces will last at least 15 years. Polished pool finishes can last five to 15 years.

Signs that a pool is ready for refinishing include discoloration, missing tiles, bulges/bubbles in the plaster, leaks, growing stains, and a rough texture to the pool’s surface.

Pool Resurfacing in Sarasota: How It Works

Pool renovation in Sarasota works differently depending on the type of pool in question. Florida owners will usually have one of three types of pools – in-ground concrete, fiberglass drop-in pools, or in-ground vinyl liner pools. From there, owners have subtypes. For instance, concrete pools can be plaster, quartz, pebble aggregate, glass bead, polished pool finish, all tile, painted plaster, fiberglass gel coating over plaster, or have thermal plastic coatings.

The first step in the pool restoration process is to work with an expert like Signet Pools to determine the type of refinishing required and whether any repair work is needed before the resurfacing beings. For instance, now is the time to replace any damaged returns or skimmers, as well as add any new elements to the pool.

The next step is to determine how to resurface the pool. While owners can certainly just refresh the pool, it’s also possible to completely change its appearance with tile, pebbles, and more. At Signet Pools, we offer a full range of resurfacing options to help our customers create the perfect oasis for their needs.

Step three in the process is to drain the pool completely. Depending on the volume of the pool, this can take a day or more. Once the water is drained, the pool restoration expert should inspect the pool’s surface for signs that additional repairs are needed. These can include cracks, bubbles/bulges in the plaster, missing tiles, and more.

Once the pool has been inspected, the pool restoration process can begin. Sarasota pool owners can expect this to take at least five to seven days. However, bad weather may extend it up to two full weeks in some cases. During this process, the new surface is applied. The original surface must be sandblasted, and any damaged surface material must be removed. The pool area should be completely evacuated of any furniture, potted plants, etc. during this time.

The exact order of the restorations will vary depending on the desired outcome. If new tile is being installed over old tile, this will be done first, followed by applying the new pool surface itself. If the pool is plaster, it will be applied by hand and smoothed into place by skilled pool technicians. Depending on the type of surface, it will also need to be acid-washed.

The final step in pool renovation in Sarasota is to clean the pool thoroughly and then to refill it. Once the pool is full, the owner will need to treat the water and ensure that the surface cures properly. At Signet Pools, we handle this process so that our customers don’t need to worry about it.

Breathing New Life Into the Pool

Is it time for a pool refinish? If so, get in touch with us at Signet Pools. We’d be happy to discuss materials, colors, tile options, and more, and then provide a strategy that ensures the pool looks better than new.